Friday, September 19, 2014

A Tale of Two Kitties: How We Came to be.

Today I'll share with you the stories of my kitty friends came to be.

Last October, I decided it was finally time to get an apartment of my own. Mainly because I visited a coworker's home one night after work and I fell in love with the charm of the Loring Park brownstone she lived in. I decided I wanted to live in the neighborhood, and ended up moving into the same exact building! During the showing, they informed me that cats can stay with me for free. That's when I began the search.

I've always been a dog person. I grew up with dogs and I absolutely love them and want one of my own someday. Unfortunately, I know that I work too much to properly care for a dog. It's in the future, but not anytime soon. I came across a breed of cat that is known for it's dog like personality: the Sphynx. I began doing research on the hairless breed and found out that there's a bit of work that comes along with owning one, but nothing like keeping a dog. I could handle that. Not to mention I love their cute little alien like faces and was intrigued by the idea of a hairless cat. I began searching, but couldn't find anything even relatively close to me. At this point I decided I was willing to travel at least a few hours to obtain my new furless baby. I searched Craigslist and actually found a few within my region of the nation. There were Sphynx cats in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Illinois. I decided to get into contact with all of them. I was willing to travel for the purrfect companion. The Chicago poster responded first. They turned out to be a breeder, which I wasn't interested in. I wanted to rescue am adult kitty who needed it. I didn't want to support a person who breeds cats- possibly under unethical conditions, when there's millions of perfectly good cats who already need homes. I told her I wasn't interested in adopting from a breeder. Next, the poster from Iowa replied. She told me she was a single mom who worked multiple jobs and just didn't have the time to give to a pet anymore. She sent me more information: The cat's name was mouse, she wasn't vetted or spayed, 3 years old, and a sweet cat who gets along with everybody. She wanted $300 for the Sphynx; minimal compared to the thousands of dollars a breeder charges, I thought. She also sent me pictures:

I instantly fell in love, and we set up a date to meet so I could take her home.

A couple days before we were set up to meet, the owner backed out. She said her kids were throwing fits and wouldn't let the cat go. She was going to have the cat stay with her mom (who wasn't a cat person). She would let me know if anything changed.

I was crushed, to say the least. I had already fallen in love with this cat that I hadn't yet met. I decided to keep searching. Maybe a Sphynx just wasn't in the cards. besides, I could have two cats. A sphynx and a fluffy cat to keep it warm! I knew that black cats were the last to be adopted (people are still somehow superstitious). I decided I would go ahead and look for a black cat. I was regularly (again) checking and Craigslist. There were many local rescues on Petfinder, but by the time they finally got in touch with me, the cats were already adopted. Good for them! So Craigslist it was. Again, after many messages sent and no responses, I finally came across a great cat, whose poster immediately responded. A big long haired black cat named Rambo. And he was close to me. He was neutered, declawed, and a very friendly cat. We set up a time and I went to pick him up after work a few days later. This time it was for real. Rambo was waiting for me in the doorway. The moment I entered, he was rubbing against my legs and purring as if to say "hi, I like you." When I bent down to pick him up, he practically jumped into my arms. Off I went, finally with a cat of my own. On the ride home, he was meowing so loudly. I was worried he missed his family. Luckily, he just hated car rides and stopped once we got home. I didn't have much in my apartment (I had just moved in and had minimal furniture, my stuff was still in boxes!) But I had a cat and was happy.
My sweet boy Rambo

Not even a week later, the owner of the Sphynx named mouse messaged me. The cat and her mom weren't getting along, did I still want the cat? Immediately I said "yes" and we set up a time the very next day to meet. She was willing to meet me on the MN border. I promised Rambo, that if he didn't like the new kitty, I would keep him no matter what: He was my firstborn. So I kissed Rambo goodbye for the day and left on my way to finally get my Sphynx.
 We finally met (in a Burger King parking lot). Was this even real? I walked up to the SUV with a crate and lots of blankets and $300 in hand. It was real. She rolled down the window, took my money, put the cat in the crate, and told the kids (3 in the backseat) to say goodbye. That was it. I drove her home in pure excitement. She slept most of the way. Thoughts were racing through my head: Would she like me? Would she like Rambo? Would she adjust to her new home ok? I hadn't even had a chance to touch her yet! I just wanted to get her home so I knew for certain it was for real.

Home at last.

 The second I opened her crate she ran straight for Rambo's food bowl and gobbled down 2 entire bowls. I knew Sphynx cats had quick metabolism, maybe she just eats a lot. But she doesn't. She was just really hungry, like she hadn't been fed for days. Right after her meals she and Rambo got into it. I pulled her off him and put her in the bathroom; That was the first time I had actually felt her. She climbed right into my lap and purred, rubbing her chin on my face. It was love! After a few fights and about a week later, Rambo and Mouse were finally accepting each other. I couldn't have been any happier, and I still couldn't. I absolutely love my kitties!


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